The Best Kinds Of Foods For BBQ Parties

Are you planning on having a BBQ party this summer?

If you are, you’ll want to find some tasty food to serve to your guests. Here are a few things you’re going to want to have on the menu.

Ground Beef

Beef is a staple of BBQ parties. There’s nothing quite like the taste of a freshly made hamburger patty. If you’re having a BBQ, there are probably a few guests that are going to want a burger.

Ground Turkey

People that are watching what they eat still want to enjoy burgers! Ground turkey doesn’t taste identical to ground beef, but it can make a very tasty burger.

Veggie Burgers

If you have vegetarian guests at your hot dog, you are going to want to have something that they can eat and enjoy. Buy some high quality veggie burgers and cook them up on the grill. Your guests will really appreciate that you went out of your way to get food for them.

Hot Dogs

Some people prefer hot dogs to hamburgers. Other people like to have both! Hot dogs are a nice thing to have at a BBQ party, especially if there are kids at the party. Kids tend to love hot dogs, even if they are very picky eaters.


If you want your BBQ to feel a little bit different, why not look outside the standard BBQ fare? Grilled chicken is healthy, and it can also be delicious, especially when you take the time to marinade it before you grill it. You might want to slather it in some BBQ sauce. It’ll really bring out the flavor of the meat.


Kabobs are a lot of fun to eat, and they can be even more fun to prepare. Buy some skewers do that you can make your own kabobs at the BBQ.

What kind of kabobs should you serve? Grilled fruit is surprisingly tasty. It can make for a nice side dish, especially if you’re serving something savory. Grilled meat kabobs are also a good choice. It shouldn’t be too hard to prepare a kabob, but make sure you use one of the the best BBQ smokers, or consider buying some other top rated grill. Here’s a good resource for that:  BBQ grills – Harrys Barbecue

There are so many great foods that you can serve at a BBQ party. If you’re currently planning a party, you’ll want to take the time to put together a perfect menu. You should try to come up with a menu that is absolutely amazing.

Is Neighbourhood Watch Useful?

When done seriously, I think a Neighbourhood Watch program can be extremely beneficial.

The only problem is that you need a few good neighbours who are friendly enough to stay in contact and report various things.

The video above is a good training video which has been posted on YouTube. When people get the right advice and training, it can go a long way in keeping a neighbour safe.

I plan on getting involved and reaching out to my community to start one up very soon.